History –

Wegmann Companies was founded in 2014 with the purchase of A&D Label which began operations in 1969, Mark and Wendy Wegmann have made it their mission from day 1 to invest in the latest technology to expand and grow their business, today we are one of the most advanced converting and label production facilities in the world.

Value proposition –

Wegmann Companies offers the latest technology in label production via our HYBRID 7color digital/flexo machine, final inspection machinery that is high speed and uses vision to view every label we produce, and a 10 station specialized converting platform that allows us to build layers or place parts on parts etc, we simply have no competitors who match our full printing/converting capabilities, it’s why we call it imagineering when working on new/exciting and never been done before projects.

To our customers these technologies mean, variable numbering or variable images are printed in line, vs off line, typically NO plate costs, typically much lower tooling costs, and we always have options to create products others simply can’t fathom, and of course we meet your branding/color needs with the latest color matching software, to ensure you get consistent color with high quality print, each and every time we run your order.

When you need:

*  Consistent high quality printing (a few hundred to tens of thousands)

  • Variable numbering/bar codes or QR codes.
  • Variable images.
  • SECURITY features – some of which others can’t create.
  • Multiple images (SKU’s)/ within a run.
  • Multiple page booklet labels
  • QR codes ( variable or static )
  • 7 colors or more means more savings vs traditional.
  • Many copy changes = no delays and no plates.
  • Matte and or High gloss finishes – even both on the same label.
  • Backside numbering or branding printed on the liner.
  • Liner registration printed on back liner for Zebra and secondary printers.
  • Label or Label options for marketing.
  • … and this just scratches the surface…….

When you want to see how technology can save you money and offer options your current label printer simply can’t do or imagine being done, Call Wegmann @ 636.677.0005 and ask for any sales associate.