Wegmann – CaptureLINK

Advanced Machine-Readable Optical Labels

“We are the future of Dynamic QR product labeling”

While our system has other benefits in the security realm, here we are focusing on the marketing value within this overview. Click to see Security Features.

CaptureLINK™ gives the brand owner the opportunity to capture and connect with customers who purchase products off the shelf. CaptureLINK™ brings e-commerce data collection and cross marketing to the retail distribution environment.

For many years, Brand Owners used Quick Response (QR) codes to send customers to a static landing page on a web site. Wegmann now offers CaptureLINK™ a Dynamic 2D label as an innovative marketing and security tool.   

Modern mobile devices now natively scan Dynamic QR codes, support URL redirection, and receive metadata. CaptureLINK™ uses the URL as a redirect placeholder, which forwards to a rich content website offering up-to-date metadata, and a user-friendly interface with you, the Brand Owner.

Wegmann CaptureLINK™ Dynamic QR product label codes offers user data collection, storage, and reporting, plus provides real time active interfacing with consumers who may immediately use their mobile device to further their buying experience by:

* Receiving a thank you upon every scan,

* Receiving coupons, immediate or into the future,

  • Gaining product reviews,
  • Winning prizes,
  • Attaining customer loyalty points,
  • Joining product or brand communities,

CaptureLINK™ will put your marketing and branding efforts on steroids, bringing option and opportunities like never before, and enhance your product integrity in a quantitative value proposition, all managed by you.

Wegmann CaptureLINK™ labels will enhance your customers buying experience, build market share through direct customer engagement,  enhanced product integrity, and provide cross marketing and branding opportunities like never before; with all the data managed by you in the CaptureLINK™ back office portal.

What is CaptureLINK™?

CaptureLINK™ is smart digital label technology, which enables the customer and brand owner to bond through reciprocity of rewards and information. A smart label bidirectional fulfillment solution, to enhance the customer sales experience for a mutual benefit.

CaptureLINK™ connects machines and people, machine and data, product and people, products and other products, products and discounts, products and location, products and security, products and services, products and information, products and legacy, products and customer contacts.

What motivates a customer/end-user to scan a CaptureLINK™ QR?

Curiosity/desire for benefit

Curiosity/desire for information

Curiosity/desire for inclusion to a community

Curiosity/what is this and then surprised

CaptureLINK offers the Brand Owner the tools to design their own custom customer engagement solution to meet their specific marketing objectives. All on a product label, this is dynamic and variable, for the life of the product, and beyond.

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