Wegmann – the smarter way to print labels

The Hybrid Domino N610i, with up to seven colors including opaque white, 600 dpi ‘native’ print resolutions, and operating speeds up to 246 ft/min, is the only label press that combines the productivity of flexo printing with the flexibility offered by rapid job change digital technology.

Wegmann label print techniques will help your products standout on the shelf.

Wegmann uses vibrant highly reflective UV curable inks designed for a range of industry standard self-adhesive label stocks including coated paper, polypropylene, and polyethylene. Applications include industrial, personal care, security, health and safety, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage.

The Wegmann 7 color press offers brand owners the most complete color gamut available.

Designers now have access to over 95% of the Pantone ® range without the complexity of spot color mixing, and dubious reproduction problems. And when the project requires high opacity, tactile white with a silk-screen like finish, Wegmann has your product label covered cost effectively. Textured labels add a positive tactile feel, which enhances the visual performance of your label. Give your labels a sculpted 3D image look with textured digital print.

A greener way to print your labels.

Wegmann is commitment to prudent environmental practices and is committed to reducing media print waste, usually less than 3 ft per job. All print waste is recycled. The UV curable inks only contain 1% volatile solvents as compared with flexo inks, which contain up to 95% volatile solvents that evaporate, nor is clean up necessary to wash down ink from used flexo plates.

Wegmann asset labels help large companies keep track of their equipment and inventory.

Industrial strength asset labels with any type bar code, and sequential or serial numbering in any size needed. Industrial strength means permanent adhesive that won’t let go, an over laminate to product the data from UV and the environment such as broad temperature ranges, chemicals and wet conditions.

Pharmacy and Dispensary Label Products

Chemical resistant direct thermal printer labels with pre-printed security features and branding information. Create custom labels that provide a customer information platform with unique features such as holograms, logo’s, and covert security.

Food Package Labels

The advantage of digital printing is that every label in a continuous run can be different. A series of labels driven with a data file, that can change content on the fly. Switching product information and SKU’s, language content/updates and images all within the same label run, and delivered on rolls or sheets. Coupons, booklets, backside printing are all possible, on a variety of materials.

CaptureLINK gives the brand owner the opportunity to capture and connect with customers who purchase products off the shelf. CaptureLINK brings e-commerce data collection and cross marketing to the retail distribution environment.

Label Print Material

Order your custom labels delivered on individual sheets or rolls, digitally printed on your choice of materials:

Paper- Matte, Semi-Gloss, Gloss

  • best used indoors and only water and freezer resistant if varnished
  • may be written on with marker

Durable Face-Stocks 

  • Acrylate– High temperature performance and chemical resistance
  • Metal Foil– For embossing and flood coated for printing
  • Polycarbonate– Good chemical and excellent moisture resistance
  • Polyester– Clear, excellent tear resistant rigid film with high tensile strength
  • Polyethylene– Resistant to tearing and elongation with some tensile strength
  • Polyimide– High temperature performance
  • Polypropylene– Excellent tear resistance semi-stiff film
  • Polystyrene– Cost effective, indoor rigid film
  • Vinyl– Good outdoor flexible tear able film

Clear Polypropylene (BOPP) and Vinyl

  • Frosted, or premium clear for no label look
  • Can be laminated for durable water and oil resistance
  • Excellent environmental weather resistance with UV over laminate

Metallic Foils

  • Various reflective finishes from super bright to matte
  • Can have an embossed finish
  • Excellent for holographic security labels
  • Can be varnished or laminated for durability

Simply send us your quality artwork in a PDF and we can begin the new materialization of your design.